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The Emergence of Multi-Brand Car Service Companies in India

The Emergence of Multi-Brand Car Service Companies in India

Car servicing companies are contributing towards a great automobile economy as it is surging with the increase in car sales. The multi-brand car servicing network and industry is expected to grab a fair share of the overall car business economy, approximately 8-9% of the business. 


Back in the year 2017, India managed to become the 4th largest automobile industry in the world, as per the revelations from the statistics provided by the IBEF. The Indian Brand Equity Foundation revealed that the sales registered showcased a surge of approximately 9.5% year-on-year basis to more than four billion units for the same year. 

Get Car Xpert, one of the most recognized car service companies, is the leading chain of multi-brand car service workshops in India. The car service franchise business offers a wide exhibition of car care and repair services. Get Car Xpert lays an emphasis on enhancing your overall experience of driving by providing world-class car maintenance and car repair services for all brands of cars.

Why Multi-Brand Car Service Franchise Business is Skyrocketing

Restrictions of Authorized Service Centers


The major reason why the multi-brand car service industry will be registering tremendous growth in the automobile sector is due to the limitation of authorized service centers. These centers are brand-centric and operate only on cars that are under their brand name. This situation gives rise to a restriction in the availability of slots and easy accessibility to the best car care services. Get Car Xpert, being a leading multi-brand car service franchise, tackles this condition by offering top-notch services to all the brands out there.

Unorganized Local Service Centers

Moving further in the list, we have the presence of highly unorganized and scattered local garages spread across the country. These service garages are not well-equipped with the required machinery and equipment, neither do they have professional mechanics to facilitate the best-in-class services. Get Car Xpert has highly equipped service stations that have advanced machinery and equipment and ample availability of 100% genuine spare parts. 

Moreover, there are highly professional and experienced mechanics that are dedicated to providing your car with a new-like feel and performance. 

Out of Warranty High Service Bills

Another addition to this list is the number of car users who have run out of their warranty periods and are required to pay heavy service charges at the authorized service centers. Well, these individuals are always in search of more affordable, efficient, quality, and flexible car care services to keep the functioning of their car optimal. 

How Get Car Xpert is Thriving Through This Condition

Get Car Xpert thrives through this condition successfully as it offers the most flexible and affordable car care and repair services at its service stations. You can book the best online car repair services by visiting the official website of Get Car Xpert. Also, you can give them a call, and one of their drivers will pick up your car as per the slot booked, get it serviced, and drop it back at your doorstep. 

What would probably be better than getting your car serviced by the most experienced hands at the most affordable rates without waiting in a queue for hours? Calling Get Car Xpert.

In accordance with the data available on the internet, multi-brand car service centers, such as the Get Car Xpert service centers, are well-known for taking care of all the sales service and maintenance requirements. Here, we are talking about not 1-2 million cars, but about over 60 million cars that are there on the Indian roads.

Get Car Xpert Offers Users With the Best of Both the Worlds

Get Car Xpert has gained such traction because it has aligned the highly unorganized workshops and garages and equipped them with advanced machinery and professional mechanics. These service stations are well-known for offering Original Equipment Manufacturer standard car care services at a significant discount.

Discussing further the emergence of the multibrand car service franchise business, it is caused by the tightening of choices for car users in India. Earlier, a car user was left with only two options, either to get the car serviced or operated at the authorized service center or to settle for a local mechanic and garage if the user is low on budget or time. 


Get Car Xpert is well-known for offering the best of both worlds, along with providing the users with a specified warranty, 100% transparency, and complete accountability.

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