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Here’s How You Can Check a Used Car for Accident Damage!

Here’s How You Can Check a Used Car for Accident Damage!

Buying a new car can’t always be the best and most economic option for you especially when you are low on your budget. Apart from this factor, it is really easy to get your hands on a second-hand car as you just need to visit a portal that has second-hand cars on sale at affordable prices.


Another reason why people settle for second-hand cars is that they try to sharpen their driving skills before they buy a new one. Though there is certainly no denying the fact that second-hand cars can ease off a lot of burden from your shoulders, there are some risks associated with buying a second-hand vehicle.


You need to be careful before buying a second-hand car as there are high chances that dealers can scam you and make you settle for a damaged car. One thing to look for is whether the car has been involved in a serious accident.


CarXpert, the best car service franchise in India has brought you a list of checkpoints that you must consider before settling for a second-hand car. 

Vital Signs to Look For While Buying a Second-Hand Car

Replaced Parts 

If you have ever been involved with a car, then you must be aware of the fact that car parts are very costly. In case you find out that the parts used are not genuine, then it’s a big no. In addition to this, you should have a look at the airbag cover, which is highly likely to be damaged if the car has ever encountered a serious accident. 

Make and Year of the Tyre

If the car you are eyeing out to buy is really old, then there are chances that the tires of the car won’t be of the same brand. Usually, if the tires are worn out, then you might see one or two tires of a different brand. However, if you see multiple brands and varying conditions of tires, then there are chances that the car has been rash-driven a lot and in the worst-case scenario, there could be some issues with the alignment. 

Check Service Record

One way to determine whether the car has gone through a serious accident is by paying attention to the service record of the vehicle. This is important it will tell you how the car owner took care of the car. In case the car has encountered an accident, then its record can be found in the service history and you can also have the details regarding the insurance claims which will help you determine how severe the accident was.

Checking Engine Bay

This is one of the most important things to look for while buying a second-hand car. You are required to have a look at possible leakages and the condition of the parts surrounding the engine. As this will be the deciding factor of the performance of your car, it is certainly non-negotiable. 

Panel Gaps

It goes without saying that the gaps between the fender and the door are required to be minimal and you should not be able to stick your finger in between the gap. In addition to this, there should be consistency throughout the bodywork in the car and this makes sure that there is no misalignment in the car. 

Unable to Drive Straight

Now, this requires a bit of experience and at least you must know how to drive a car at the optimal gear and speed combinations. Take a test drive of your car to determine the potential issues associated with the performance of the car. In case your car is inclined towards one side and is not aligned to drive straight, your future car might have had its chassis bent in an accident which the owner has not updated you about. 

Missing Screws and Rivets

Just after opening the car’s bonnet, you must be able to see screws that are responsible for holding the fenders in place. Ensure that they are of the same condition and type as it is highly unlikely for workshops to misplace or replace screws. 

Why CarXpert is Your One-Stop Destination

Well, even though you are not able to find any of the above mentioned signs, it is advised to go for trusted and reliable car experts near you. CarXpert is the best car service station that offers the most luxury car service at its highly-equipped service stations. In addition to this, it should be noted that CarXpert, being a leading car service franchise in India, that is trusted for all kind of car care services. 

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