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6 Essential Tips For Car Maintenance

6 Essential Tips For Car Maintenance

In India, a car is treated like a family member, a pet, or whatever you can say to represent love for a particular entity. People who are fond of automobiles or are intrigued by cars, take care of their cars like a baby. Though car maintenance traits are passed on from generation to generation, some people are just not aware of how to take care of their car and maintain it so that it provides maximum performance and appears new and shiny for years.

This is the point where basic car maintenance can help significantly sustain the looks and performance of your car. The proper maintenance of your car is the key to ensuring that it stays in the top condition. Also, if you are unsure whether you will be able to keep up with the regular maintenance of your car on your own, then you must incorporate the best car services in Gurgaon Haryana offered by Car Xpert.

In this article, we will be discussing a total of 6 tips that are helpful in ensuring your car’s maintenance. Car Xpert is your one-stop destination for providing all kinds of car care services ranging from car detailing, denting and painting, and tire replacement to 3D wheel alignment and balancing, and regular car wash.

6 Tips to Follow For Car Maintenance

Keep a Check on the Tire Pressure 

If you want to sustain the mobility of your car, this goes without saying that you need to check the tire pressure of your car regularly. Inadequate tire pressure for longer durations can trigger the reduction of their life while causing early wear and tear and raising the chances of tire bursts. It is important to ensure that your car tires have the right amount of air or nitrogen present.

Regular Change of Oil and Oil Filter

It is not possible for your car to run efficiently without facing damage if there is no lubricant present. To make sure that all your car parts are working smoothly, you must take care of the oil levels required in your vehicle for optimum performance. Oil helps significantly in the lubrication process while absorbing heat generated due to friction.

Test the Lights 

Improper functioning of car bulbs may become a concern in times of crisis. This is a safety hazard and might cost you a lot if you don’t ponder upon taking care of it. Take your car to the best car service franchise in India, Car Xpert, so that their professional mechanics can repair or maintain your car for good.

Changing Engine Air Filter

Now, this might be tricky and you will require a professional mechanic to do that. It is important to do as a dirty engine air filter will allow the passage of dirt and other particulates into the engine of your car and will significantly reduce its efficiency. Contact Car Xpert today for getting your hands on the best car services in Delhi. Your car will be picked up for free, we will get it serviced and deliver it back to your doorstep. Book your slot online.

Keep the Car Batteries in Check 

What if your car battery runs out when you are on your way to your vacation trip, or you are driving alone at night in a less-populated area? Well, to ensure these things don’t happen to you, pay attention to the signs that indicate low battery levels of your car and check for mineral build-up or leakage around the batteries and clean it regularly.

Inspection of Brakes 

It is important to get your brakes inspected regularly for the longevity of both your car and yours. Along with the car brakes, you will be required to get the brake fluids checked and in case you found it dark-colored, understand that it’s time to get the fluids changed. As per the experts at Car Xpert, you must get your brakes replaced every two years to enhance the durability of the brakes.


Don’t wait to get your car pampered and serviced the way it should be. Get in touch with Car Xpert today and book your slop online. We ensure free pickup of your car, with an assurance of high quality and a genuine range of multi brand car service India. All the Car Xpert’s service stations are equipped with advanced machinery and equipment required to service brand new models and brands of cars.

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