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5 Tips to Help Your CNG Cars Last Longer

So you have decided to shift to a CNG car instead of petrol or diesel. Well, you must keep note of the fact that the CNG car you just purchased might require a bit of extended attention from your side. CNG cars need to be taken care of with more attention from our side in comparison with the cars that are powered by petrol and diesel.

Just for an example, let us take a spark plug. Regular petrol cars require a new spark plug in place of their existing spark plug after every 20,000-25,000 Kms. On the other hand, a CNG car might ask you to get the spark plug changed after 10,000 Kms.

Cars are primarily designed to be running on fossil fuels like petrol and diesel. However, in the case of CNG cars, when the car runs on gas, you are putting your vehicle at an increased risk of wear and tear. This is because petrol and diesel help in lubricating the engine and reducing wear and tear.


An internal combustion engine is maintained on lubrication which is offered by the fossil fuels such as petrol, and CNG, being available in a gaseous state, has significantly little to offer in terms of lubrication.


For servicing, Getcarxpert is the best place for your car as it has advanced machinery and expert mechanics onboard. In this article, Get Car Xpert has brought you 5 tips in total that will help your CNG car last longer. So let’s get started with the tips to enhance the life of your CNG car.

5 Tips to Maintain a CNG Car

Start in Petrol Mode

As we now know that CNG has very little to contribute to the lubrication of the internal combustion engine, we must start our engine in petrol mode, so that it can get lubricated. It is advised not to switch to CNG even when your car kit allows you to switch. Give your combustion engine some time to warm up, for at least one kilometer. This will ensure reduced wear and tear of your engine.

Shorter Periodic Maintenance Intervals

CNG cars are highly prone to wear and tear and that’s the prime reason why there arises a need for getting your car serviced more often. Some parts of your car, such as filters take a lot of damage on CNG so let’s suppose your next service is scheduled after the completion of 12,000 Kms, you should get it done at 10,000 Kms. This will prevent your lovely car from getting damaged under not-so fruitful circumstances.

Replace Existing Spark Plugs With New One

The spark plugs are primarily meant for petrol, and when you opt for running your car on CNG, they tend to wear out faster than usual. Well, there are basically two ways how you can tackle this issue. The first is to use a special spark plug which is designed specifically for CNG cars, and the other option is to ask your mechanic to reduce the overall gap between the actual source of spark and the metallic tip of your spark plug. Get Car Xperts will let you know the most favorable option for you.

Never Drive till Tank is Empty

As the gas inside the cylinder empties, the pressure in the CNG cylinder drops, and this can lead to the explosion of valve. In addition to this, you must ensure that you are replacing the valves on a regular basis. It’s not that costly so you can get going with replacements without any stress.

Get Car Xpert’s CNG Tuning

It’s important to get your CNG kit tuned by a specialists, such as one from the Get Car Xpert team, as they are equipped with the advanced machinery and skills blended with years of experience. Get Car Xpert offers services better than the authorized car care and service centers and you can avoid problems such as increase vibration of the combustion engine, skipping or irregular acceleration, and more like that. Get Car Xpert is your one-stop destination for all your car care needs and requirements.

Why Get Car Xpert is the Best Car Care Franchise

Well, if you are looking forward to get your car serviced and pampered at a suitable station that has got new machines, and other stuff to ensure that the service is top notch, you got to be making a smart decision. This is because placing your car in wrong hands might lead to decreased performance which will ultimately flood your mind with disappointment.

Get Car Xpert has got the best mechanics and if you are looking for the best car service center, then you can’t miss out on mechanics along with advanced machinery. It has managed to gain a reputation as the leading car service franchise in India. Be it any of the petrol, diesel, or CNG cars, you will always find the ultimate solution for your car at Get Car Xpert.

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