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5 Crucial Symptoms Of A Failing Car Thermostat

5 Crucial Symptoms Of A Failing Car Thermostat

If you drive a car, then you must be aware of the fact that the engine of a car is the most pricey part of a car to get repaired. A thermostat is a small yet important item in your car that has a significant role to play in enhancing the performance of your engine. The role of a thermostat is to regulate the flow of coolant through the engine and ensure that your car’s engine reaches the operating temperature as fast as possible.

This implies that in order for an engine to function properly, it is important that the thermostat of your car is working in optimum condition. In case your car is overheating, or no-heat condition has arisen, then this might be a reason for a faulty thermostat. Hence, to avoid damaging your engine, you must consider replacing the thermostat with a new one as it does not cost much.

If you find out that your thermostat is not functioning well, you can contact Get Car Xpert, one of the best car service companies that excel at offering the most affordable online car repair services. Get your thermostat replaced by a new one so that the coolant in your engine can sufficiently circulate through the radiator and engine.

In this article, we will ponder upon the most crucial symptoms that will help you determine if your thermostat is malfunctioning and is not operating at its optimum condition.

How to Determine if Your Car’s Thermostat is Malfunctioning

Unusual Engine Overheating 

Though there might be more than one reason for the engine to overheat, such as a blocked conduit in the cooling system, a leak in the system, and of course, a thermostat not working properly. The easiest way to determine is to keep note of the temperature gauge for the first fifteen minutes of the drive. If the temperature records red, the thermostat might be faulty. This is because if the thermostat is shut, the coolant of the engine won’t reach the radiator and hence, won’t be cooling down.

Fickle Temperature Fluctuations

A thermostat that works in an optimum condition is perfectly timed to make sure that the engine obtains the coolant at the perfect temperature. If the needle of the temperature gauge is fluctuating too often, then a failure in the functioning of the thermostat might be the condition.

Compromised Fuel Economy

Regardless of whatever condition the engine runs on, be it too cold or too hot, the vehicle will be required to work more than regular to move. This added level of stress on the engine can contribute significantly towards the reduced fuel efficiency. It implies that you will be liable to pay more for the added fuel charges to avoid, which you must consider getting your car tested at one of the car service stations of Get Car Xpert and get replaced.

Coolant Leakage

The improper functioning of the car’s thermostat will pave the way for the coolant chamber to escape due to the increased pressure. It’s basic science, and the lack of fluid will lay a direct impact on the functioning of the car. In this case, every car owner is advised to seek professional help to avoid further deterioration of your car’s health. Give a call to Get Car Xpert, and they will be checking your car for possible faults and will get it repaired in no time without you worrying.

Too Cold Engine

This situation arises when the thermostat is stuck open, as it will facilitate the unhindered flowing of the coolant through the radiator. Well, if the engine fails to get heated to a specified temperature, you will face difficulty in turning on the vehicle. In addition to this, it should be taken note that the choking will stop the process of combustion, and heater malfunction is most likely to be witnessed. If that’s the case, you will feel cold air flowing through the vents while the heater is on.


If you suspect and somehow find out that your car’s thermostat is not working in the optimum condition, then you must immediately get in touch with Get Car Xpert professionals. It’s because you must have taken some time to figure out that the problem is with your thermostat. During that period of time, your car must have experienced some other faults, too, that might not get addressed if you only get your thermostat replaced.

Keep note of these five signs that will help you figure out the issue with your car, and don’t delay a day if you do. If you are looking for top-quality thermostat replacement and other car care services, then Get Car Xpert is your one-stop destination. Along with the thermostat, the Get Car Xpert professional will inspect the corrosion inhibitors in your coolant.

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