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5 Common Car Repairs Problems

With time, every car owner witnesses problems with there that are very common. However, one thing is certain once you develop an issue with your car, then it is highly advisable that you don’t ignore the problems that arise with your car.

The best thing is to tackle the problem as soon as you find out so that you don’t end up paying more on your car servicing in Gurgaon bills than required. In addition to this, safety is another concern that is taken care of while you treat your car’s issues when they are at their infant stage.

Well, if you are not sure which car issues to address, then you should get in touch with Car Xpert, as the professional mechanics at Car Xpert will analyze your car thoroughly. All your car’s problems will be addressed and taken care of at their initial stages at Car Xpert service stations.

In this car care blog, we will be pondering upon the five most common car problems that you should get repaired as soon as you find them out.

5 Most Common Car Repairs Problems That Shouldn’t be Ignored

Shaking Steering Wheel

Well, there could be a number of reasons why your car’s steering wheels might be shaking while driving. If you start facing this problem just after you start your car, then the shaking of your steering wheel could be caused by damaged car suspension or wheel bearings. In case you feel the shaking while driving at high speeds, then the issue could be with your tires or wheel balance. Give a call to Car Xpert, and one of their drivers will pick up your car, get it serviced by the most skilled hands, and drop it back at your doorstep.

Squeaking Brakes 

Just like all other parts of the car, the brake system starts to wear out, and there is certainly no avoiding the fact that brakes are important for your car and your safety. It becomes essential to ensure to note any kind of unusual sound coming out of your brakes. Though the issues might be minor, it is better to get those checked before it triggers any serious issue.

Car Consuming Too Much Oil

How often do you check the car oil levels? It should be noted that it is important for a car to function appropriately to have ample fresh oil available. However, if you begin to witness that your car is not functioning to the optimum performance, then there might be a chance that you need to get the oil levels checked. It is necessary because the poor oil levels will lead to the corrosion of your engine and hence, will cause blockage in the oil filter. It is advised that you get the oil filter changed along with the oil to ensure the maximum performance of your car.

Excessive Emissions from the Car

The emission system fitted inside your car is designed in such a way that it keeps the pollution to a minimum level while ensuring that your car runs perfectly. The emission system involves numerous sensitive equipment that can malfunction from time to time while causing a range of problems in the car, such as the O2 sensor.

Slipping Automatic Transmission

Even though you might think that the automatic transmission of your car will last for a very long time and will keep its efficiency intact, after a certain time interval, it will start facing some difficulties. You may experience that the transmission is not as smooth as it used to be, and this condition could arise from the damage or clogging in the gasket or the seals inside the system. You must take care of this by servicing your car regularly.

Why Choose Car Xpert

Car Xpert is considered the best car service franchise in India, with its service stations spread across the country. All the service stations under the name of Car Xpert are equipped with advanced machinery and equipment that are capable of servicing all the models and brands of cars. In addition to this, Car Xpert is backed by expert and professional mechanics who have years of experience in the field.

Just give a call to Car Xpert, and you won’t need to waste your weekend waiting in queue for your car’s turn to get serviced.

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