How CarXpert Works

In 4 Easy Steps

Select Service

Select from our wide menu of services. Review our industry-best prices before placing an order

Fix Appointment

Provide us with your location, and pick-up and drop timing to book an appointment

Monitor Progress

Get live notifications about the progress on your car

That's It

After our Xperts have fixed your car, we deliver it at your doorstep


Why Choose CarXpert

5 reasons

Xpert® Warranty

All our repair services are backed by our 60 days or 1,000 kms Xpert Warranty

Xtra® Convenience

Life is too short to spend it at a workshop. Order from your home or office and avail our free Pick and Drop services. For most services we offer same day delivery.

Xpert® Genuine Parts

Carxpert uses only genuine spare parts.

Xtra® Savings

No hidden cost. No add-ons. No unnecessary part replacements. Our Xperts help you save over 30% over authorised workshops.

Xpert® Workshops

All Carxpert workshops have state-of-art equipment to repair, and certified technicians and engineers.


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